Applying Tax Online

If you own a business but have not yet applied for a Georgia Tax ID for it, you may be wondering how to even start. After all, it can be quite confusing.

That is why many people do not even attempt to apply for a georgia tax id themselves. Instead, they use an online service and let them do all the work.

What do you need to apply for a Georgia Tax ID online? — Applying for a Georgia Tax ID online is very easy. Especially if a service does it for you.

All you will need to be able to complete an online application is to know what type of company you own — a sole proprietor, a Limited Liability Company, a partnership, a corporation, a church organization or a non-profit.

You will also need to know the company’s address, its legal name, the name of the person that will be responsible for registering it, the company’s email address and its telephone number.

Once you have this information you can complete an online application via a Georgia Tax ID service.

How long does it take to get a Tax ID? — Once the service has submitted your paperwork, you should receive your Georgia Tax ID within just a few days.

The Tax ID will be sent to you via email, with a follow up letter mailed to your business address confirming the ID.

How much does it cost for a service? — Applying for a Georgia Tax ID is free. The service you use to help you apply for it is also inexpensive, meaning in most cases it costs less than $20.

When you consider how much time it saves you, and that a service can get your Tax ID for you very quickly, it is well worth the extra money spent.