2Georgia is one of the most attractive destinations in the United States for both tourists and business people. It is said that in life, you cannot evade death and taxes. You need a Tax ID (EIN) for you to operate a business in Georgia. Georgia has made the process of obtaining your Tax ID smooth and comfortable, in a bid to attract more investors in the state. It is therefore prudent to ensure that you have your Tax ID (EIN), so that you have an amicable professional and social life. Even for setups that are not required to have an EIN, it is advisable to obtain a Tax ID, since it eases most formal processes where you are required to use your Social Security Number.

Steps in obtaining your EIN

The first step in the process of acquiring your Tax ID (EIN) is by picking the legitimate identity of the organization you want to acquire a Tax Id (EIN) for. The structure of your organization may fall under many categories such as Partnership, Corporation, Estate, Trust, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Personal Service Corporation, S-Corporation, Non-Profit Organization, Sole Proprietor and Church Organization. After you have presented your application, your Tax ID (EIN) is mailed to you.

Additional Information

In your application, you will have to avail additional information, to certify due diligence. First, you will need to have the Legal Name of your enterprise. It should be detailed out correctly so that you are not issued with a misspelled georgia tax id (EIN). You will also be required to specify the designated party that will be responsible for your business. You will have to present the Taxpayer Identification Number of the individual who will be in charge of the entity. Additionally, you must avail the physical address of your business where official communication will be sent. Lastly, you must present an active phone number and contact E-mail.